the Picker Building studios | Nashua NH

Located in the Historical Nashua Mill Yard

About the Picker Building

Fall 2016The Picker Building has been sold to Clocktower Apartment complex.  Many of the artists who had studios in the Picker Building have moved across the street and formed the Picker Collaborative Artists.  Other creative residents of the Picker Building have moved to other parts of Nashua, Manchester, Lowell, and other towns.

The Picker Building is an old cotton mill building located alongside the Nashua River among the historic mill yard in Nashua NH. What was once a textile and cotton mill was up until recently a creative community for artists, artisans, small business owners and other creative themed companies.  In 2017 the building will be sold and will be turned into apartments.



  Peter Kostoulakos wrote @

Please add me to your email list.

  jeff wrote @

I am looking for affordable work space. I am currently seeking a place to put together works of art. What are the rates for available spaces?

  thepickerbuilding wrote @

Hi Jeff!
The best way is to contact Picker Building Realty at:

Picker Building Realty 1-978-250-9331
or contact
Jack Bolger 603-594-2467

Please only call during normal working hours;
Mon-Fri 9am-5pm


  Tricia wrote @

Just visited the Picker Building for the first time yesterday with my Leadership Greater Nashua class…what a gem, hidden in plain sight! I will be telling one and all!

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